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Linode is looking for awesome technical writers and subject matter experts to contribute to our comprehensive selection of tutorials about Linux, Linode and cloud infrastructure. If you have technical knowledge and the ability to explain things clearly, our in-house editors will help you polish and publish your guide.

Simply choose a topic from the list below and submit a writing sample. Once we’ve reviewed and approved your request, we’ll match you with one of our editors and you’ll be on your way to getting published in our rich knowledge base with over a million unique page views each month. You’ll also make up to $300 depending on topic difficulty.

Current Topics

  • Introduction to the Kubernetes Scheduler

  • Build and Manage Applications with Dokku

Writing Sample

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Essential Criteria for Each Guide

Accuracy: Instructions should be straightforward, technically correct and thoroughly tested. Include brief explanations of each step to explain the purpose of each action.

Completeness: A guide should leave readers with a finished, working configuration and give them an idea of where to go from there. Considerations for security and best practices must also be made, including firewall rules.

Originality: Content should be original material written for Linode. We will not accept submissions which are duplicated from other sources.

Sample Guides for Reference

Here are some examples of exceptional community-contributed guides. The instructions in each are accurate, complete, original and thorough. Refer to these as guidelines for your own submission.

Compensation Scale

(e.g., Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04)

Simple Tutorials
(500-999 words)

Detailed Tutorials
(1,000+ words)